Craft Beers are brewed by small independent breweries and have unique aromas and flavors coming from variety of hops, malts, citrusy, fruity etc you will NOT experience in regular mass market beers found in grocery stores and bars. Craft beers are made in smaller batches and are fresh as they are distributed closer to the breweries and these beers invoke sensory experience in the beer lover’s hearts through color, head, smell, flavor and taste. Craft beer is an experience and come experience it at Kegs & Mugs with forty taps!



At Kegs & Mugs you will be always entertained with a variety of sports streamed on big screens, trivia nights, happy hours, live music and introduction of new and trending brews. You pick a board game and play with your friends and family or sit on our beer garden style community table and chat and mingle with your community folks. With game day special to support the local teams Kegs & Mugs is truly a place to come and chillax with a pint!



Enjoy a relaxing evening with our Wine and Cheese pairings. Choose from our wines on the tap or by the bottle and pair them with food from our grill or with a variety of cheeses. Wine is divine as it makes you happy and healthy; come toast with us!


World Cuisine

At Kegs & Mugs we have brought a unique combination of foods from east and west to pair with our amazing selection of Craft brews. You can have spicy and savory wings with our secret sauce or succulent skewers from grill or the catch of the day grilled to perfection or shallow fried in an oil of your choice. Come enjoy a feast with us


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